Fueling Up

When your parents fuel their car or plug it in, they are fueling up.  They are providing the car with what it needs to keep running, to do its job.

When you eat, you are fueling up.  And the type of fuel you put into your system will determine how well your body – and to some extent, your mind – operates.

Fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and roughage are a necessary fuel.

So are proteins found in meat, eggs, beans, and some veggies.

Healthy fats help our brains work better, enhance our thinking capacity.

Carbohydrates  provide bursts of energy.

Balanced properly, these foods keep our bodies working to maximum capacity.

Optimally, we should eat about five meals a day.  Three of those meals would be breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Two would be a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack.  And while I like sweets and chips as much as the next person, junk food does not count as a meal.

In addition to good food, our bodies need water, lots of it.  Believe it or not, our bodies are made of 60 to 65 percent water.  And to sustain that percentage, we need to drink at least six glasses of water a day.  Any less and our bodies begin to dehydrate, meaning they are getting less than they need so they use up what they have.  And this is not healthy.  So lots of water should be part of our daily routine. A great way to ensure you drink enough is to keep  filled water bottle with you at all times. Bring one to school, to after-school activities, and even have one by your bed at night.  This will get you into the habit of drinking plenty of water.

Think of your body as a finely made machine that needs care and fuel to keep working at its best.  And the next time you want to push aside something on your plate, ask yourself what you are denying your body while doing so.  If the answer is protein, good carbs, or healthy fats, think twice about denying your body the benefit of good fuel. And drink some water while you consider that.

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