Latest For Kids

Fueling Up

When your parents fuel their car or plug it in, they are fueling up.  They are providing the car with what it needs to keep running, to do its job. When you eat, you are fueling up.  And the type of fuel you put into your system will determine how well your body – and […]

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Latest For Parents

When Should I Bring My Child to the Doctor?

One of the questions that I receive constantly is: “When should I worry about my child and bring them in to see the doctor?” As a parent, you will always know your child better than anyone. A parent will be the first to feel if something is seriously wrong with their child. Parental instinct is […]

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Latest For Educators

Recognizing Abused Kids

I see them in my office, you see them in your classroom.  The child who just can’t seem to make eye contact.  The child who has an edge. The kid who carries an aura of sadness, of insecurity. The child lacking the basics of hygiene.   For you it may manifest with missing homework and poor […]

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