Map of Southern England 650 AD
England, Circa 650 AD

Set in southern England in the seventh century, The Book of Spells transports readers to a time when kings and queens ruled their domains, when wizards and witches walked amongst us, and when the lines between good and evil were often drawn by magic.

In the world of this trilogy, the best heroes are often reluctant, emerging from the most unexpected places, loyalty and friendship abound, and the fate of a kingdom and its inhabitants depends upon a balance of strength of character, common sense, and determination.

Peopled by memorable characters and set in a world filled with fantasy and magic, but still eminently relatable, each book in the series can stand alone. But in concert, the individual novels provide a fully-realized story of a royal family and its loyal subjects who, together, fight to keep darkness from overwhelming their world and, ultimately, to allow goodness and honor to prevail.

Multilayered, and meant to evoke mental images of the characters, scenes, and settings for young readers and even their adults, the books not only engage the imagination but also lend themselves to wonderful discussions of good and evil and the choices that are ours to make.

For parents and educators, there are available study guides for each book in the series with which to further engage young minds.

We hope young readers as well as adults enjoy traveling back in time and getting to know all of the wonderful characters whose lives are forever impacted by The Book of Spells Trilogy.

The Book of Spells by John Miller

Book 1: The Book of Spells

Sorcerer of the Red Mist by John Miller

Book 2: Sorcerer of the Red Mist Available 2019

The Ghost Queen by John Miller

Book 3: The Ghost Queen Available 2020