The Sorcerer of the Red Mist

The strength of family and love and loyalty are at the heart of John J. Miller, M.D’s sequel to The Book of Spells, The Sorcerer of the Red Mist, the second book in his magical series. With an adventure that pits good against evil, that challenges the fortitude of young and old alike, and that reminds us of the power of courage, Dr. John provides another great read for readers of all ages

When the Royal Family of Vilgar disappears in a mysterious red mist, Prince Brayden tasks his boyhood friend and Captain of the Royal Guards, Christian, with finding them. Giving Christian a magical sapphire ring handed down to Brayden by his father, King Audric, Brayden charges Christian with traveling to the Forest of Time to find the their former tutor and mentor, the good wizard Martir. Prince Brayden hopes that with Martir’s help his family can be rescued.



But with his powers limited by a curse put on him by the evil wizard Malecar, Martir cannot leave the forest without great risk.  Knowing he will be no real help to the Prince, Martir instead sends his apprentice, Cork. Having been caught in a spell which shrunk him years before, Cork is diminutive – but his heart is huge.  And during the years spent with Martir caring for the animals in The Forest of Time, Cork benefitted greatly from tutoring by the wizard. Martir’s apprentice is more than willing to stand in Martir’s stead and bring his training in sorcery and magic to the aid of Christian, Prince Brayden, and the royal family.

Can courage, love, loyalty, and heart prevail over evil? With the help of Cork, will Brayden and Christian save the royal family and the kingdom of Vilgar? And who will they meet along the way?

Join our heroes on their dangerous journey and see if, in the end, courage, love, loyalty, and heart will prevail over evil – and just what might happen if it does.