Enter The World

Map of Southern England 650 AD

Cast of Characters

King Steffen

  • The aged ruling monarch of the Realm of Vilgar in mid-seventh century England.
    Big Tom
  • A kind and gentle king, he lost his wife during the birth of his only son, Audric.

Prince Audric

  • King Steffen’s son and the future heir to the throne of Vilgar.
  • Becomes King upon the death of his father Steffen.

The Wizard Malecar

  • Appointed by King Steffen as the First Wizard of Vilgar.
  • Has designs on ruling over Vilgar himself.
  • Turns to dark magic and sorcery and becomes a threat to the kingdom.

The Wizard Martir

  • Kobbal
    A kind and gentle apprentice wizard under Malecar during Audric’s rule of Vilgar.
  • Becomes a friend and confidant to young Audric.
  • Has a plan to help Audric during his rule.


  • The famous sorcerer of King Arthur’s court at Camelot
  • Given the magical Sword of Time by the Lady of the Lake
  • Helps Martir to create the refuge The Forest of Time

Sir Gilbert

  • A nobleman from Northumbria
  • Breeds and trains Arabian horses


  • The Story Teller
    Sir Gilbert’s beautiful young daughter from Northumbria
  • An accomplished horsewoman


  • The eldest of three sisters—all of them witches
  • A good person at heart who loves her sisters dearly
  • Casts a spell over the men of Goff

Tamsyn and Jadisa

  • Theodora’s beautiful younger siblings.
  • Tamsyn dabbles in the darker aspects of magic and witchcraft.
  • Jadisa practices the healing arts of magic and loves to entertain the children of the surrounding villages.

Prince Brayden

  • King Audric’s children: Prince Brayden and Princess Tiana
  • Brayden is the oldest child and next in line to the throne of Vilgar
  • The pride of his parents
  • Being trained in the arts of war by his father and Sergeat Alistair

Princess Tiana:

  • Grixler
    Tiana is an independent spirit, two years younger than her brother Brayden
  • She would prefer to be riding or hunting with her brother rather than studying her lessons at the castle


  • A young street urchin rescued by King Audric and made a page in the castle
  • Becomes Brayden’s closest friend and ally
  • Develops a love for Tiana

Sergeant Alistair

  • The brash and stern Sergeant-at-Arms of Vilgar Castle
  • Trains Brayden in the arts of war with sword and lance
  • Sergeant of the Royal Guards of Vilgar

Cork and Tuck

  • Fishermen from the northwestern hamlet of Goff
  • Both transformed by a witch’s spell into shorter men
  • Their travels bring them to the Forest of Time where they meet Martir
  • They agree to become caretakers of the animals in Martir’s Forest of Time